Jesse Youngblood…

I am beginning this blog to begin a conversation…multiple conversations, really.  I want to discuss events which occur during my journey traversing the epic passes, junctions, and apexes of knowledge and learning while attending college.  I want to explore in depth the peaks and valleys of opening and maintaining numerous entrepreneurial endeavors, and the triumph and frustrations I am sure both of them will bring me.  I wish to share the expertise I have honed with the help of many exceptional mentors in injury prevention, functional fitness, and how it not only affected my life but more importantly, how it has changed the lives of those around me.  I will present multiple different viewpoints to the same old problems I believe we all face every day.  Perhaps these views will be slightly skewed; I do not mind this perception of myself, I take complete ownership in being created slightly skewed.

I have these ideas which run through my head all day long.  How should a client/patient squat properly in order to maximize their natural body mechanics to produce the most efficient power available to them with or without injury?  Is whole food nutrition better than the American fast food diet? (Of course, it is, but let’s have a conversation about it).  Can essential oils really increase overall wellness?  Are detox diets all a hoax, or is there really something to it?  What is the difference between working out, being fit, functional movement, and boot camp or CrossFit style workouts?  Is one better than the others?

I hope to present discussions (and perhaps arguments) that lead to the enlightenment of further explanation of an idea, thereby increasing overall knowledge to the whole of the audience in a positive and educational way.  I will do my best to present my ideas in such a manner as to be seen objective and instructional.  If, for any reason, as a participant in these open discussions you disagree with what has been presented, please, please, please, let me and the rest of the audience know.  I absolutely welcome any response.  All I ask is respond respectfully, constructively, and with purposeful contributions which move the discussions along.  Help create an educational moment that all can share and aid in their own journey.

I have worked in the medical field for ten years.  I started in emergency medicine attending a paramedic program in Iowa.  I was not able to finish due to obligations I had in the military, however, I was able to have a seamless transition from attending paramedicine classes at the local community college to performing as a combat medic in Iraq.  I worked on a pediatric burn ward at a combat support hospital, then later was transferred to an emergency room where I fulfilled the role of night shift leader.  From there I attended the Army’s physical therapy assistant (PTA) course (basically the same as the civilian side, only 10 months long instead of two years.)  After graduating the PTA program, I was assigned to a clinic in Germany where I handled the day-to-day operations of a clinic with four physical therapists and approximately 4000 enrollees.  I was very involved in patient rehab and their recovery from musculoskeletal injuries.  I was extremely fortunate to have worked with the best physical therapists from a wide variety of disciplines.  They mentored and instructed in such a way that they were able to allow me plenty of freedoms when it came to advancing patient’s treatment plans.  As a PT assistant in the Army, I also deployed to Afghanistan.  You would not believe the number of simple musculoskeletal injuries the troops attain while deployed.   It was mind-boggling some of the methods the physical therapist and I had to come up with to treat the simplest thing like an ankle sprain.  I did the PTA position for four years before being discharged and moving to Las Vegas.

I relocated to Las Vegas in December 2014 and enrolled in a massage therapy program in January 2015.  During my time in the program, I also became a certified personal trainer through the National Council of Strength and Fitness (NCSF) and was certified as a CrossFit Level One Trainer through CrossFit, Inc.  I graduated the massage therapy program in October 2015.  Immediately after graduating I was hired on at a small chiropractic clinic and am currently working on attaining my chiropractic assistant license.  In January 2016 I opened a mobile therapeutic massage service.  I work mostly with athletes, with and without injuries, with the purpose of improving athletic performance.

I am currently enrolled at the College of Southern Nevada in the general sciences program, am working on a certification through the NCSF to become a Nutritional Specialist and am in endeavors to open a gym specializing in functional movement.

That is me in a nutshell.  I hope I can share my challenges and frustrations, daily thoughts and slumbering dreams, and maybe even throw a dash of humor and fun in, to spice everything up.