Spring Cleaning in the Fall

Every year I attempt a spiritual/material/house spring cleaning in the fall.  I do not celebrate most holidays.  At least not in the same sense as every one else seems to.  I use them more as a moment to take a pause and to reflect.  Reflect on my goals – past, present, and future.  Reflect on my finances.  Reflect on past resolutions – what happened to that fitness I was all about at the beginning of the year.

I usually start on Thanksgiving and my reflections begin with cooking, a lot.  I tend to gain about 20 pounds this four day weekend.  Each day is focused on a theme – traditional, Italian, Mexican, and a random…probably will be German this year.  I cook the traditional but without the turkey – Cornish hens for me…I’m a single dude living by myself, turkeys are too big and provide too much, a Cornish hen – just perfect.  Some mashed potatoes (probably from out of a box because of utility purposes), some veggies of the green variety, a nice salad and a butternut squash soup.  (Grocery list pending.)

Italian Food Day – An attempt at a homemade Alfredo.  I have never done this before.  I’m already excited about it.  How messy could it be?  It’s just a bunch of cheese, right?  Some research on this will definitely need to be done.  Do Italians eat veggies?  Caprese salad?  That counts…

Mexican Food Day – Posole… I’ll need to start this on Italian Food Day, slow cook the meats and bones until the meats melt off.  I have to get some red chili.  And oregano…a ton of oregano.  Maybe make some chili rellenos – soooo good!!!

German Food Day – …..Brats.  Sauerkraut.  Goulash?  Is Goulash German?  I need to look into that.

Four days of cooking.  Four days of reflection.  Four days of meditation.

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