5 A.M. Class


5 Rounds for Time:

5 Front Squats - 185
10 Single Arm KB Push Press - 53
200 meter Run

I was not in it today.  I think I was immediately put down today because the Rx
weight was set at 185.  I could only do 95.  Don't get me wrong, I am super proud
of 95.  A couple of months ago that would have been a struggle performed one rep 
at a time.  Today I was able to front squat 95 unbroken for five each round.  185
kind of broke my spirit, though.  I was not motivated, or excited, there was pretty 
much no other feeling than "fuck this."  My hips were aching, my ankles weren't 
moving, but I was able to keep my elbows and chest up throughout, somehow.  

The KB push press was not too bad.  I worked with 35 pounds rather than the 53.  
I was coordinated and even able to string a couple of reps together on both left
and right sides.  I usually can't do that.  

The run was not a problem.  Though, in the future, I'm going to start going all
out on the runs, especially the shorter ones like today's.  

My weight is at 163, and body fat is at 9.6.  
Not bad at all.

Tomorrow will be a better day.